The Book

The Book Formatting Formula

In this concise and practical book, you’ll discover the secrets to formatting your manuscript like a pro. With step-by-step instructions and expert tips, you’ll transform your work into a polished and professional masterpiece. In this guide you will learn:

  • Essential formatting principles, with plenty of examples
  • Common formatting mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The fundamentals of fonts and where to find them
  • Using images to create eye-catching chapter titles and headings
  • How to format your manuscript for print using Microsoft Word
  • How to format an ebook (for all ebook distributors) using Kindle Create
  • Design ideas from my own portfolio to spark your creativity
  • and much more!

The Book Formatting Formula’ is an invaluable resource for self-published authors seeking to make their books shine. Don’t let formatting challenges hold you back—empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to create professional-quality manuscripts. Unlock the secrets of successful book formatting today!

— Available in paperback and ebook —

THe templates

Pre-made templates and instructional videos

As part of the ongoing development of The Book Formatting Formula, I’m excited to announce that I’m creating templates and instructional videos to complement the book. If you’re interested in accessing these valuable resources, simply sign up for the newsletter using the form below. By subscribing, you’ll be among the first to be notified when they are available, and as a special thank you, you’ll receive an exclusive discount code to use when they are ready!

THe Printables

TBFF Checklists

At the end of each instructional chapter in The Book Formatting Formula, you’ll find valuable checklists to assist you in the formatting process. Simply click the button below to access a free PDF download of these checklists. Feel free to print them out and keep them handy for whenever you need guidance and a quick reference.

The Resources

Links to all the resources from TBFF

Whether you’re looking for formatting solutions like Atticus and Vellum, or seeking software options to streamline your book production, I’ve got you covered. Additionally, discover websites offering fonts and graphics to elevate the visual appeal of your book. Click the button below to access the comprehensive list of resources found in ‘The Book Formatting Formula’, and the tools you need to enhance your self-publishing journey.

THe Podcasts

Want to listen?

If you love a podcast, check out these episodes where I geek out about book formatting! Join me for some lively discussions and practical tips on making your books look stunning. Get ready to level up your self-publishing game with loads of formatting wisdom.

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Evenstar Books

Need more help with formatting?

Drawing from my experience as a book formatter since 2019, I’ve developed The Book Formatting Formula to assist authors like you. If you’re looking for professional formatting services or seeking feedback on your formatted book, visit Explore the range of services available and let’s work together to ensure your book looks its best.

About Julia

Julia Scott is an indie author and book designer, known for her YA Science Fantasy trilogy: The Mirror Souls, The Anahata Divide, and The Original Midorian.

She is the sole designer at Evenstar Books, creating beautiful books for fellow indie authors. Julia’s passion for book formatting led her to write The Book Formatting Formula, a helpful guide based on her own experiences.

Discover more at and follow her journey on Instagram @juliascottwrites and @evenstarbooks.tbff.